Educational and personalized support

Educational support ...

Individual meetings are possible throughout the year. The first interview is organised at the time of the registration and gives the opportunity to meet the applicants and have knowledge of their background, personal and professional situation, their motivations and to be able to discuss the applicant's future project.

At the end of each trimester after class progress meetings, the report card is personally given to the students with the opportunity to schedule an assessment meeting related to school or personal concerns. Regular assessment meetings are offered to students in difficulty.

Appointments can also be given at the request of the students or based on recommendation of teaching staff. Class representatives, elected by their peers, also facilitate communication with the teaching staff

Teachers actively participate in school life, are aware of the specificity of the audience they are teaching and how to adapt.

In each class, the Teacher Representative for the class regularly organises roundtables and individual meetings at the beginning or end of the course, and shares observations with the teaching staff. At the end of each trimester, the Teacher Representative for the class participates with the Principal in an overall assessment and analysis of the class, in anticipation of the class progress meeting.

Personal counseling ...

Personalized support, provided in Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Biology and Methodology by teachers from the Lycée d'Adultes, offer additional support sessions during which students receive individual advice.